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Indi Connects – Oxley Shire Hall – 5 October 2019

V4i remains strongly committed to encouraging active participation in our democracy. We ‘Do Politics Differently’ in Indi and the number of people interested in  joining this very positive movement continues to grow.  The V4i grass roots, community driven model is a respectful, values based approach to politics and a welcome alternative to the negative, adversarial [...]

Community process for identifying new candidate

Voices for Indi (V4i) has worked since 2012 to give voice to our communities and to encourage quality candidates to stand for election to represent the people of Indi. In the past two federal parliamentary terms, with Cathy McGowan AO as Member for Indi (2013-16 and 2016-19), we witnessed the benefits of Independent representation and [...]

Helen Haines confirms her commitment to the Indi community

NURSE, midwife and rural health researcher Helen Haines today confirmed her commitment to the consultative, empowering approach to community representation established by the Orange Independent movement and two-term Independent Member for Indi Cathy McGowan AO MP. Dr Haines was chosen at a meeting of 200 Orange Independent supporters in Benalla on Saturday to succeed Ms […]

Media Advisory for January 14 2018

Helen Haines selected by Voices for Indi forum as next ‘orange independent’ candidate for Indi.  Helen Haines, a nurse, midwife and public health researcher from Wangaratta has been chosen by a Voices for Indi forum to be their next independent candidate in Indi.   Over 200 volunteers from Cathy McGowan’s past election campaigns selected Haines, […]

200 Orange Independent supporters identify Dr Helen Haines as their next candidate for Indi

VOICES for Indi (V4i) has  brought to fruition a rigorous 12-month planning process that has enabled Orange supporters to decide the future Orange Independent candidate for Indi, resulting in Wangaratta’s Helen Haines accepting the invitation as the candidate. Dr Helen Haines (Photo Credit Jamie Kronberg) V4i spokesperson Alana Johnson said up to 200 Orange supporters […]

Be an Orange Independent!

Are you an aspiring Orange Independent? Voices for Indi has an Information pack for people looking to be a Candidate for Indi.

Meet Helen

Helen Haines has lived and worked as a nurse, midwife, health administrator and medical researcher in North East Victoria (Chiltern, Rutherglen and Wangaratta) for more than 32 years.

Previously on Voices for Indi…

Join us to hear from Gabrielle Chan, author of Rusted Off

Voices for Indi is proudly hosting Gabrielle Chan, author of Rusted Off: Why Country Australia is Fed Up. Events are planned in Mansfield, Albury, Violet Town, Wangaratta and Shepparton.

Getting elected to represent your community – a workshop

Have you thought about running for Council or Parliament? Or is there someone you know who’s interested in doing so, and you’re wondering how you can support them? We’re running… A workshop that is! Voices for Indi invites you and your support team to participate in a practical workshop designed to provide prospective candidates with enhanced skills […]

Denis Ginnivan reelected as V4I’s President at 2017 AGM

“There is much to be disappointed about in politics if we were to be spectators” – Denis Ginnivan, President V4I Voices for Indi 5th Annual General Meeting President’s Report. Wangaratta, 27 November 2017 Voices for Indi (V4I) is a community engagement process which is revitalizing and building ‘democratic capital’ in regional Australia. V4I was set […]

Inquiry into regional development and decentralisation

Independent MP Cathy McGowan has succeeded in gaining government support to conduct an inquiry into decentralisation. The inquiry is investigating and reporting on best practice approaches to regional development, examining decentralisation of Commonwealth entities as a mechanism to increase growth and prosperity in regional areas, and is looking at ways to encourage greater corporate decentralisation. […]

Join us to discuss the Indi Effect

When representative democracy turns participatory : Indi and beyond Headlining IndiTalks next month is Associate Professor Carolyn Hendriks from the Australian National University’s Crawford School of Public Policy. Join us at 10am on Sunday, 20 November 2016 at The Centre, Wangaratta. We’re pleased to welcome Associate Professor Carolyn Hendriks from the ANU’s Crawford School of Public Policy as our guest […]

V4I’s take on it’s role this Federal election

Voices for Indi congratulates Cathy McGowan for seeking a second term at the next Federal election. V4I endorsed Cathy as an independent candidate for the 2013 election and continues to support her because she remains committed to honest, respectful and constructive politics based on inclusion, valuing all voices and true representation of her constituents.

Let’s change the rules to make polling day a more positive experience

Polling day’s an opportunity to celebrate democracy and reconnect the public with politics, so voting should be a positive experience that encourages us to reflect on our ability to have a say about how we’re represented. Based on feedback from supporters, Voices for Indi has made some suggestions to the Federal Parliament. Click here to […]

An Indishares for the next Federal election

It seems the closer we get to the next Federal election, the more interest Voices for Indi’s receiving from prospective candidates and community leaders looking to learn how V4I began and how it undertook its 2013 Federal election campaign. In response, we’re preparing another IndiShares forum. This will be held at the Oxley Hall in Northeast […]

V4I’s role in the next Federal election

Voices for Indi congratulates Cathy McGowan on the announcement she will seek re-election as the Member for Indi. Voices for Indi exists to build an active 21st century democracy in Indi and will be involved in the next election and every election for the long term. Voices for Indi was formed to give voice to […]

A new round of Kitchen Table Conversations for Indi

Another round of Kitchen Table Conversations is about to happen in Indi, this time initiated and organized by our local member Cathy McGowan AO. Kitchen Table Conversations provided the power behind Voices for Indi and Cathy’s election campaign in 2013 and the process has since captured the nation’s attention. MPs, electoral candidates and communities across […]