Voices for Indi needs your help to publish a book

Voices for Indi has a compelling and important story to tell about everyday people from communities in Indi mobilising at a grassroots level and claiming back their power in our democracy. In 2022 it will be 10 years since Indi first went ‘maverick’ electing community independent Cathy McGowan. So much has happened since then as Indi has continued to make history, putting people back in to politics. We want to mark this milestone by writing a book.

The book will be written by many of those closely involved with Voices for Indi and will go behind the scenes of the three successful election campaigns 2013, 2016 and 2019. It will look at how and why the community got involved leading to over 1700 people volunteering in Helen Haines’ 2019 successful campaign. Cathy McGowan and Helen Haines will both contribute a chapter. Laneway Press will assist us to publish but we need to raise $40,000 to cover costs. No authors will be paid -they are all volunteering!

The book will also provide information and inspiration to the many other communities around Australia now seeking to emulate what happened in Indi.

You can donate at chuffed.org/project/v4ibookfunder

Community process for identifying new candidate

Voices for Indi (V4i) has worked since 2012 to give voice to our communities and to encourage quality candidates to stand for election to represent the people of Indi. In the past two federal parliamentary terms, with Cathy McGowan AO as Member for Indi (2013-16 and 2016-19), we witnessed the benefits of Independent representation and doing politics differently.

In this spirit, V4i facilitated an innovative process in January 2019 for the community to choose an Independent candidate to succeed Cathy. No one on the V4i committee voted in this process – the community decided which of the three applicants they wanted to invite to stand. Helen Haines was invited and went on to become the first Independent since 1901 to follow an Independent in the same seat in Australia’s parliament. We all celebrate her achievement and the people and communities of Indi who worked so hard to support Helen’s campaign.

V4i will always foster participatory democracy and enable the people and communities of Indi to continue to have an effective voice. What has been achieved in our communities in 2019 is bigger than this election. What we as the people of Indi started in 2012 is resonating across the country. We will continue to do politics differently.