A new round of Kitchen Table Conversations for Indi

3KTC_pic.jpgAnother round of Kitchen Table Conversations is about to happen in Indi, this time initiated and organized by our local member Cathy McGowan AO.

Kitchen Table Conversations provided the power behind Voices for Indi and Cathy’s election campaign in 2013 and the process has since captured the nation’s attention.

MPs, electoral candidates and communities across Australia are now utilizing the Kitchen Table Conversation process as an effective, inclusive and enjoyable way for people in their electorates to have their voice heard.

Please consider Hosting a ‘Kitchen Table Conversation’ which involves getting together 10 people (friends, family, work colleagues, sports mates, neighbours, community groups) at any venue that suits you (at home, outdoors, local gathering place, at work, at a pub, playgroup) to discuss the questions outlined in the KTC kit. Those who participated in the first round of KTC can attest to it being an enjoyable and satisfying activity to be engaged in.

Cathy will be conducting briefings across Indi to outline the process and answer questions. For details see http://www.cathymcgowan.com.au/ktc